Vivid Buffalo Art Studio

Vivid Buffalo offers a collection of services to businesses of any size.

One facet of Vivid Buffalo is custom art.   From large scale murals to digital logo design and anything in between, we can design it for you.  We can also take your business and give it a web based facelift by providing web design, e-commerce, and social media management and marketing.

Some of our most important "clients" that we assist are other artists themselves.   What we can offer is a platform that allows them to develop their own artistic brand and a space to grow their creative spirit.

The Vivid Buffalo Studio is constantly evolving and growing with the times so that our professional jobs can remain as full time artist.  While our day job is maintaining multiple client's creative needs or web based projects, we spend our evenings moonlighting as teachers for mindful practices such as art and yoga classes.

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